12. January 2016

My Family

I had never driven the Bel Air before and was kinda nervous. Really, though, it was so smooth - like driving in slow motion. And the scene - sunset on the coast - was too gorgeous not to relax into it. I almost forgot about my pregnancy-induced nausea. Oh, and that the car breaks had been known to occasionally not work.


02. August 2015

Rusty Moss

Like nearly all our photo hunting tales, this one takes place at the end of a loooong drive. The mood was turing increasingly anxious as the potential for coming up empty handed increased. And, of course, there was a lightly sleeping baby in tow, just to keep things interesting. Also, it wasn’t really the end of the drive but more the middle- the summit if you will- we still had an equally loooong drive back home.


18. June 2015

A 1959 in Cuba

I hadn’t heard from him in 51 hours and was about to collapse into a puddle of nerves from the worry. He is the kind of person whose phone is an extension of his hand and on a typical day it was not uncommon for us to exchange a hundred texts. “The internet there is horrible” people would tell me. “He was probably up late and can’t be bothered.” And then there was the “No news is good news!” line of reasoning.