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Photos by David | Words by Amber

I had never driven the Bel Air before and was kinda nervous. Really, though, it was so smooth - like driving in slow motion. And the scene - sunset on the coast - was too gorgeous not to relax into it. I almost forgot about my pregnancy-induced nausea. Oh, and that the car breaks had been known to occasionally not work.

I hadn’t been feeling well earlier that day and we’d nearly turned around before even starting. I had the kind of morning sickness that doesn’t think it should be restricted to the morning hours. But I figured I might as well feel sick somewhere beautiful rather than back at the apartment.

And to say it was beautiful does not remotely do it justice. While everyone else traveling down California flocks to the coast (iconic) or interstate (fastest), David knew a perfect windy, wooded road down the middle of the peninsula. It was bizarre to be in such a quiet dense woods but also surrounded by super-populated metropolises.

Hidden Highway

We spent the day lazing around Santa Cruz. I don’t even remember what we did - probably walked along the boardwalk and sat on the beach. I do remember getting tacos at a hole-in-the-wall place just off the shore and smiling at the young surfer kids who where lucky enough to grow up there. Then so quickly, just how it always goes on those days, evening was descending and we starting the short trip home. You never know when it’ll unexpectedly turn into a long trip with a classic car. As we left town, David asked out of the blue if I would drive.

I was a little surprised and not totally clear on what his plan was but I couldn’t think of a reason to say no. Just a few minutes from town, the road emptied out - another unexpected for me, having grown up hearing how California was packed to the brim with people.

After a few minutes, I kind of forgot that David was taking pictures. The loud hum of the car and the wind in the window made conversation impossible and plus the radio probably stopped working sometime back in the 70’s. We were both immersed in our own micro worlds; his the camera, mine the car. Even Dexter seems zoned out by the calm scene.

Highway 1

And isn’t that when the magic always happens? When you are “in the zone”?

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