10. June 2015

Crystal Mill

It was nearly dusk when we arrived. There were a few other ambitious sightseers that had also made it to this remote mountain outpost but they were either packing up or well on their way back to civilization- you know, where roads weren’t trying to kill you and food and water were readily available- that kind of thing. We had a choice: do what we traveled all day to do (take photos of the Mill) or drive the epic off-road back before it was dark. Pick one.


29. May 2015

F#$%! You

He had been talking about Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic for weeks. The event really did seem as if it was made specifically for David: old car themed, dog friendly, and right next to our house. I loved that he was always finding these things and that he had enough enthusiasm to infect me and our friends and neighbors.


25. May 2015

Shot to Death

“… did you see that?!” His eyes were twitching with excitement and he couldn’t have stopped the corners of his mouth from curving up for his life. It was excitement for sure but he also smiles when he’s nervous and he knew I was toeing the line of being grouchy- I didn’t want to make any more stops.